past residencies


I arrived in STAMM with nothing. I wanted to work only with improvisations as a starting point. An there I am, in this vast white space. What does it say to me? How can I play with it? What is it giving me? Is their objects? Everything started from the STAMM. The space that I have during two weeks with its objects and its feeling. I got lost in it. The performances came to me in glimpses. Moments coming alive and then dying. Going away from the main action: a move, a dance, a game, a speech in another language. I welcome the audience to enter my world.
This two weeks in STAMM were really intense. Working alone was a challenge. Luckily, the atmosphere is warm and feels like home. I was happy to have Luka Maurer as neighbor, who was very supportive. I have good memories of this time there. I would like to thanks the STAMM and its team for giving me the chance to young artists like me to try out things and stuff, spending time in such a nice space. Vive le STAMM!
Lorena Stadelmann
(Lorena worked in STAMM from 20th of January till the 2nd of February)