past residencies


4 girls, 14 days, 83 cigarettes, 120 coffees, 500 grams of butter, 3 kilos of bread, 7 kilos of organic vegetables, the neuronne moteur company was at the stamm in march and april 2017 !



the professional mimesis theater company was in residence at stamm studio in February 2017. supported by the canton of jura, she took advantage of this highlight to experiment on the stage the artistic material that will be used for the creation of her next show, through improvisations, video captures, installations or performances.


i arrived in the stamm with nothing. I wanted to work only with improvisations as a starting point. and there i am, in this vast white space. what does it say to me? how can i play with it? what is it giving me? is their objects?


the company mokett was really happy to spend 4 days in stamm, from the 4th to the 8th of january, working on their new performance foriro! in foriro, there are the 4 members of the cie mokett: delphine barut, antoine courvoisier, angelo dell’aquila et clea eden



[french] saidia bettayeb, artiste visuelle, et alice pons, performer et chorégraphe, ont passé une semaine au stamm pour créer une performance inédite (hyalin) en vue du vernissage de l'exposition des oeuvres de saidia à l'espace d'art contemporain (les halles) à porrentruy le 26 avril 2015.


collide@cern au stamm

[french] collide@cern est un programme de résidence qui permet à des artistes de toutes disciplines de travailler avec des scientifiques du cern dans leurs bâtiments à genève. vincent hänni (musicien) et rudy decelière (plasticien du son) [...]


artistes touristes_residence fugitive

from the 12th to 18th of april 2014, a group of 15 artists have been invited to live and create in the stamm. the artists are coming from different places in Switzerland or further and speak different languages.