stamm studio is a space for artistic work, creation and residency.
the project, was founded in 2013 following the wish of six young artists (eve chariatte, thibault maillard, camille chappuis, arnaud chappuis, charlotte riondel and vera trachsel) to share their knowledge and to open a space to promote artistic creations in Porrentruy. 

nowadays, the collective has scattered but the stamm continues to pursue its vocation as a place of residence! It hosts dozens of projects per year and allows dance companies, theater companies or visual artists to create in a warm autarky and for affordable prices!
the form of the stamm studio is constant evolution: it depends of the active people. 

Currently, the Vol de Nuit company is permanent resident of the stamm and is invested in the committee of the association managing the place alongside the fashion designer luka maurer and dancers eve chariatte, thibault maillard and caroline beuchat. Lisa schneider and manon migy are the two members of the committee representing Vol de Nuit.