past residencies


The professional mimesis theater company was in residence at STAMM studio in February. Supported by the canton of jura, she took advantage of this highlight to experiment on the stage the artistic material that will be used for the creation of her next show, through improvisations, video captures, installations or performances.


It is a research laboratory run by MiMesis. It was in February 2017 at the Stamm Studio in Porrentruy. From improvisations, videos, installations, for three weeks, the company plunges characters into a polymorphous karaoke. During this period, it spreads scraps on its social networks Facebook and Instagram.

At the end of this residency, the Stamm Studio opened its doors to the public during an event which offered excerpts of the work carried out. On the program: video projections, performances, human and digital installations, ... This public presentation took place on Thursday 23 February 2017 at 6.30pm at the Stamm Studio!