past residencies


4 girls, 14 days, 83 cigarettes, 120 coffees, 500 grams of butter, 3 kilos of bread, 7 kilos of organic vegetables

2 jars of Jura balm, 3 plasters

4 sleeping bags,

1 brand new wooden dance floor, luminous rehearsals

1 piano chord, a few spices

Enthusiasm, a bit of sweat, a lot of fun

Questions, fights, unlikely reunion

A story, a song and... 1 SHOW !

Thanks to the STAMM !

The Neurone Moteur company came to create her show "Sanguines" that will be played in april and may 2017 in the framework of the "Midi, Théâtre !" With Fanny Krähenbühl, Sara Uslu, Delphine Barut, Charlotte Riondel and David Janelas as an external point of view.