past residencies

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From the 12th to 18th of april 2014, a group of 15 artists have been invited to live and create in the STAMM. The artists are coming from different places in Switzerland or further and speak different languages. The idea of the project was to present the space of the studio and use in a collective way as well as giving the artists the opportunity to discover Porrentruy and its surroundings. The project was exploring the relationship between tourism and art. An exhibition was held at the end of the residency.

WITH: claudia breitschmid / arnaud chappuis / cléa chopard tamara hauser / marlene hirtreiter / ingvild jervidalo bettina diel / andré mayr / stéphanie rosianu sara da silva santos / mara schaller / bruno schaub grégory sugnaux / vera trachsel / joël vuille Emmanuel wüthrich / sinae yoo /

Some pictures taken during the week: